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Business Services

In addition to supplying project equipment independently, the commercial unit of this company has the possibility of supplying equipment and spare parts for secondary units and main lines of oil, gas, refinery, petrochemical and steel industries. In this regard, in addition to benefiting from the power of its active offices abroad (Shanghai, Genoa, Dubai and Muscat), it acts as the exclusive representative of some foreign and domestic companies in Iran. Below are some of these items:

Among the most important features of this company:

  1. Official representative in Iran of Hangzhou Hanyang Compressor Co,. Ltd, a manufacturer of various compressors and cryogenic compressors
  2. The direct cooperation and Iranian partner of the huge German DIHAG Holding, which includes 10 sets of casting and machining factories and has the capacity to produce 170,000 tons of parts per year. This complex, which is one of the largest group of casting factories in Europe and has a high capability in casting wear and erosion parts, is able to produce complex parts from one kilogram to 160 tons in one piece. This group is currently active in the steel and rolling industries, oil and gas, railways, shipbuilding, energy, wind turbines, gas turbines, mining and aviation industries and has a turnover of about 400 million euros per year and serves 1100 customers in 50 countries. Exports parts and final products. The catalog of this company is attached.
  3. Representative of Henan Xinmi Changxing Refractory Material Co,. Ltd. producing all kinds of refractory bricks, refractory blankets, refractory powders and the like
  4. Representative of Hebei Gangxin Technology Co,. Ltd, a manufacturer of high-tech alloy shafts and tubes.
  5. Representative of HUNAN Kemeida Electric Co,. Ltd, a manufacturer of all kinds of electromagnetism parts and equipment.

Also, a summary of the capabilities of this company in the field of supplying goods is presented to you as follows.

  1. Supplying all kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel valves from O ENERGY and BONNEY FORGE brands in Italy, RINGO VALVE in Spain, NIPPON in Japan, SUD ROBINETTERIE in France
  2. Supplying all kinds of carbon steel and stainless steel flanges from the brands GALPERTI, F/D and MELESI in Italy and T in South Korea
  3. Supplying all kinds of stainless steel pipes from Japan’s SUMITOMO and NIPON brands, Germany’s SCHULZ and Austria’s SCHOELLER BLECKMANN.
  4. Supplying all kinds of required fittings from the brands TECHNO FORGE Italy, ERNEFITTING Austria and SKB South Korea
  5. Gearbox and motion generators: from DONLY, FLENDER, BONFIGLIOLI and SPAGGIARI brands
  6. Electrical equipment and precision tools: from FISHER, KROHNE, HYUNDAI, EMERSON, SCHNEIDER, FESTO and BONETTI brands.
  7. Supplying all kinds of oil and water filters from Austrian BOLL & KRICH and HYDAC brands, DONALSON, INTERNORMEN, BELLELI and FIUSHING
  8. Supply of PVRV (Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve) and VRV (Vacuum Relief Valve) from LESER and NIROTEC brands.
  9. Supplying all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic valves from VICKERS, SOMSON, REXROTH and PARKER brands.