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Online Traders of Industry Company
Online Traders of Industry Company
With more than 30 years of brilliant experience in the field of Industrial Goods commerce
Dariche Tejarat Platform
Dariche Tejarat Platform
Direct Trading Platform of Industrial Goods; powered by Online Traders of Industry



Creating a suitable platform for receiving inquiries related to sellers' goods, providing advice and services to participate in the inquiry, including providing technical and financial proposals, supplying and sending goods to the buyer.

Export of goods

Providing goods export services, including preparing documents, obtaining necessary permits, packing goods, concluding transport and insurance contracts with the best quality.

Door to Door delivery

Carrying out all the steps of transporting goods through air, sea, rail and land lines, according to the type of goods and the country of origin, guaranteeing the safety and health of the cargo and fast delivery by door-to-door method.


Implementation of matters related to the supply, inspection and import of specialized goods, including machinery, parts and equipment not available inside the country


Maritime Transport (Tranche)
Ground transportation (transit)
Air transport
railroad transportation
Carrying fuel
Definitive clearance of goods
Import and export of goods
Car hood

Online traders of industry

Traders in the online industry consider the use of young and efficient specialists under the guidance of modern management as one of their great advantages. The biggest asset of this company is the use of useful and long experience and expertise of great business consultants and professors of the country’s largest industrial universities.
This complex is a pioneer in providing equipment, parts and machinery for steel and petrochemical production lines by having effective communication links with foreign countries and keeping pace with skilled craftsmen. 
Online traders of industry company implements industrial projects with the ability to reduce production time and cost and dramatically reduce the risk of foreign purchases, according to the quality desired by the customer. Therefore, it is a powerful arm in helping huge contracting groups in the field of petrochemical and steel industries.

Communication links abroad

Detailed inspection of goods at the source by reliable inspection companies and detailed imaging of containers, close inspection of records of foreign sellers and suppliers, by company offices located abroad

Fast shipping service

Cooperation with well-known and experienced agents in the field of transportation, use of security and protection equipment for goods and goods radio waves identification technologies, provision of up-to-date insurance services

Safe and reliable

Informing customers about laws and regulations, analyzing and investigating existing risks, preparing legal documents without defects and complying with standards


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